A Letter to the Churches, church leaders, and faithful.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, As we celebrate the joyous occasion of Easter, let us take a moment to reflect on the world situation that we find ourselves in. It is no secret that we are faced with many challenges, including war, economic poverty, security concerns, and the protection of the environment. These issues […]


The Marcos Jr. administration cannot hide behind empty platitudes, nor can it be window-dressed by a Joint Program with the UN. It cannot sugar-coat the dire lack of effective domestic mechanisms for redress, nor can it spin tales using a religious fundamentalist network, trolls, and disinformation machines. The bare, glaring realities are there.

Understanding the Philippine Election

The 2022 Philippine general election will take place on May 9, 2022, for executive and legislative branches of the government – national, provincial, and local, except for the barangay officials. The election is not like in other countries where people vote for political parties and the political parties are the ones that fill a person […]

On UNHRC Resolution

ENJPP is particularly enraged at the disinformation methods used by the Government of the Philippines in the months leading up to the UNHRC 45th session, in particular with regard to the document “The Philippine Human Rights Situationer” that was distributed in Geneva in a bid to discredit human rights defenders and their groups who have worked tirelessly for years to inform the UNHRC members of the full extent of the human rights violations taking place in the Philippines.