On UNHRC Resolution

ENJPP is particularly enraged at the disinformation methods used by the Government of the Philippines in the months leading up to the UNHRC 45th session, in particular with regard to the document “The Philippine Human Rights Situationer” that was distributed in Geneva in a bid to discredit human rights defenders and their groups who have worked tirelessly for years to inform the UNHRC members of the full extent of the human rights violations taking place in the Philippines.

A Human Rights Crisis

Posting and sharing this presentation of the Philippine reality on Human Rights Situation taken from a document of the Ecumenical Voice for Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines – ECUVOICE and the Philippine Universal Periodic Review Watch – UPRWatch. Very recently, January 28, 2020, another lawyer, Carlos M. Anselmo, is killed by motorcycle-riding gunmen […]

My Niece Is Feeling Distressed… Angry…

I am sharing with you the feeling and insight of my niece Abi Ablon posted in her Facebook account on January 15, 2020, regarding the recent calamity in the Philippines – the Taal Volcano eruption. I have been feeling very distressed about the west’s lack of response to the Taal Volcano eruption. I strongly believe […]