Black Saturday

They mocked Him with a crown of thorns,

And spat upon His face with scorn,

They stripped Him down and nailed Him fast,

To a cross where He breathed His last.

But the story didn’t end that day,

For in the tomb where His body lay,

A revolution was taking place,

As death and sin were put in their place.

For on the third day, the stone was rolled,

The tomb was empty, the story told,

That Jesus had risen, He was alive,

A revolutionary act to survive.

His death was not in vain, you see,

For it paved the way for you and me,

To break the chains of sin and shame,

And live a life without blame.

Now we too can join the fight,

For justice, peace, and what is right,

To stand up for the oppressed and poor,

And bring a revolution to the core.

So let us lift our voices high,

And declare with power, as we testify,

That Jesus is the King of all,

And His revolutionary act will never fall.

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  1. Dear Antonio, I bless you for your outstanding exegetical work and now also for your groundshaking poem. May God endow you also further with the power of  His/Her Holy Spirit for the sake of liberation.

    Yours faithfully Wilfried Neusel


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