Photo credits to Friedrun Reinhold of Fotografie and to Korber Foundation in in Hamburg, Germany

I can’t help my tears to fall today remembering another big day in the family that I am away. My son, please understand my absence on your birthday. Someday we will be together again. I have to be away for you and the rest of the oppressed people in the land. I am crying alone and away from you, the family, and the people I serve there in our native land.

My tears are falling for you and the rest whom we love and care the most. Life of service is not always easy but with your kind understanding I am sure I can and we can overcome all this mess that temporarily part us away. I am crying alone and away from you but rest assured that there is always hope and we will all see the light shining for all of us.

Precious tears are falling even as we think for all other people and families who have to be parted away because of the realities unfolding all of us. Understanding all of this makes us fall into following the road less traveled and only for those who join the quest for the liberation of all the marginalized. I am crying alone and away from you until the day that tears are no more because the victory is on us.


  1. Dear Antonio, thank you for sharing your prolific work, your joy and your sorrow with us. With great empathy and grief I read your message Crying Alone and Away. It is heartening, and it reminds me of the Prophet Jeremiah. He at least received a revolutionary message of God in the end: Jer 31, 31-34. May this be your comfort and your hope by day and night, for you yourself, for your son and your family, for your church and for your people at large. Isabel Friemann shared right now some infamous posters, and I responded to her that she might seek your counsel. We are with you in our prayers and as far as we can, in our action. Yours cordially Wilfried


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  2. My dear Antonio
    I have read your warm and moving words for your son. I am sure the Lord will bring your Dears the appreciation for your emotional hardship. With all my heart I wish you all the best for your family and yourself.

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  3. Dear Bishop Antonio,

    it pains me to read of your pain. But it is a pain that I in some way share, and it is a pain that I do my best to bear with you.

    My father is in the States and is dying, and I cannot go to him. That pain of forced separation, though of a different nature to yours, is deep indeed.

    You are in my prayers and I wish you God’s strength and love. May you continue in your powerful ministry and may your son be reconciled with you in every sense, in spirit if not in distance.

    Kindest regards in Christ,

    John Grantham, Berlin

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