Matthew 10:26, 28
26 “So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known.”

28 “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

Naul is facing charges of kidnapping and illegal detention and arson with no fixed bail filed in the Regional Trial Court in Bayugan, Agusan del Sur.

Amidst COVID-19 crisis and lockdowns and quarantines, militarization continues. Trumped-up charges continues. Teresita Naul is my nanay in human rights work. I personally can vouch that she is a good person. The only mistake she made is that she is a staunch human rights advocate. And that this Government do not want people to stand for their rights. This governement only want the Filipino people to always obey and never complain. This is articulated every second by their legion of paid trolls chanting the mantra, “sumunod nalang kayo!” followed by their holy rants of never ending name calling, cursing, judging, and implicating persons as yellow or red, and foolish or idiot. This government want the Filipino to keep silent. Indeed those who speak out their opinion and stand for their rights which is clearly legal as enshrined in our constitution are being silenced. Many through troll attacks. Others by threat harrasment and intimidation. And others through trumped up cases. And even others thru extra-judicial killings.

For the case of Nanay Tc they used the legal attack thru trumped up charges. Nanay tc is 60 years old. She is ill and frail. Her legal case is the so called “Sibagat Case”. In that case, she was accused to be one of the npa who allegedly conduct an ambush in Sibagat. By the way that case accused 545 named individuals. That figure in itself gives you an idea that the case is absurd. How can you name 545 individuals after a skirmish? Mere logic would have dismissed the case. Many of the accused are civillians, most are human rights advocate. Nanay tc being one of them.

My nanay tc is not an npa. I can personally vouch for that. Although I will understand if she choose to be. But then she is not an npa. I have worked with her in Karapatan region X from 2001 to 2018. Karapatan is a legitimate legal human rights watchdog even recognized internationally and no less than by the united nations. We also worked together in calling for the resumption of the peace talks, conducting forum and activities for peace with Church leaders during my years as PEPP Coordinator in Mindanao. I personally know nanay tc. And with all my heart and soul I can shout to the heavens and to the ends of the universe, where I know my God is listening. That nanay tc is a victim of a tyrant government. A victim of human rights violation. A victim of trumped up charges. But then again I also feel that she is a victor! For until the end, she remained a faithful human rights defender. Even when her life is in peril. Her principles did not falter. She remain faithful to the Filipino people. And she will prove that even in this latest ordeal during the terminal phase of her life.

Nay you will remain my inspiration. Always. You experienced both the Martial law of Marcos and now the rather worse Martial law of Duterte. And you remain steadfast and served the people thru your human rights and paralegal work.

To nanay tc, padayon lang nay. Say strong and steadfast. Even of you are imprisoned your will is free. Your principles are not cowed nor sold. Even in prison you are a free person. Not like the many who are imprisoned by money & greed even if they are not behind bars.

To all human rights defenders, tuloy lang ang laban!

In time, the people in power will learn, that they can never silence ideas, ideals and principles and the peoples’ movement. They can never kill true love. And true love is the love for the people, the love for the many, the love for the vulnerable, the love for a better society, the love for a better humankind. As they silenced one true love, they plant more true love on the ground of the people. And this true love only spreads until eternity. Until the day of liberation will dawn. The dawn of salvation will come. And we shall overcome. Not for ourselves. But for the next generation. Including those sons and daughters and grand sons and grand daughters of these paid trolls. Fortunately and unfortunately. Amen!

Christopher Ablon

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