A column of ash surrounds the crater of Taal. Courtesy of Ezra Acayan, Getty Images

Let us pray…

Dear Lord,

We know that volcanic eruptions like that of Taal in the Philippines are neither man-made nor Your will but nature’s. But we know also that even if the natural calamities like this affects everyone nearby, the poor people are the most vulnerable and at the end suffers more than the rich and others who can afford to sustain their daily needs of food, shelter, medicines, hospitalizations and even a new life somewhere or even back to their own residences. Thus we pray for the poor people to stay strong and to make themselves ready to face the most challenging situations and still able to help their own kind in their own ways and do it from their hearts.

Residents prepare their boats to evacuate while the Taal Volcano erupts in Talisay, Philippines, on January 13. Tens of thousands were evacuated and tremors were felt in nearby villages amid an eruption of the count. Courtesy of Jes Aznar/The New York Times/Redux

We also pray . . .

For the rich people to give a heart to those in need and not only to watch idly by and feel privileged and praise you for their safety amidst the sufferings of the poor; R: Lord, have mercy.

For the volunteers to have more strength, smarter minds and body and to consciously put safety first in order not to add to the burdens of the situations; R: Lord, have mercy.

For the donors to give more of their own possessions and to make sure they donate the much needed and items rather than make use of the situation to dump the garbage piled in their houses. That their purpose of donation is to help rather than promote themselves in a cheap advertisements in the media outfits that are pretending to help but aimed at their own aggrandizement; R: Lord, have mercy.

For the government agencies and the leaders of the land to promote what is right and fair in the management of the responses to this disaster. That they may not use the situation for their own interest at the expense of the poor victims. R: Lord, have mercy.

For the Churches to unite for service in prayers and in deeds that they may become comforters to the needy and live out the love they are preaching. That they avoid to become false prophets of the doom by frightening the people that it is the end of time, abusing their ignorance and the innocence of the poor. R: Lord, have mercy.

SILENCE: Say your own prayers for people you know and for other concerns… R: Lord, have mercy.

These we are asking in prayer for the good of everyone in need through Jesus the Christ. Amen.

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