Some actions in the ministry aside from being in the altar.

This is my first blog. I am The Right Revd Antonio Nercua Ablon. I am a Bishop of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente in the Diocese of Pagadian in the province of Zamboanga del Sur, Western Mindanao, Southern Philippines. Furthermore, I am President of the Mindanao Bishops Conference (14 IFI dioceses in Mindanao); Member, Executive Commission (EXECOM) – the highest Governing Body of the Church; Main convener, Patriotiko Mindanao – an alliance of patriotic organizations and individuals in the defense of Philippine sovereignty and patrimony; Chairperson, KARAPATAN (rights) – an alliance for the advancement of people’s rights in Western Mindanao region; Co-convener of Barug Katungod Mindanao (Stand for People’s Rights in Mindanao) – a Mindanao-wide alliance of human rights advocates. Co-convenor, PROTECT Western Mindanao – the alliance of environmental activists – organizations and individuals in Western Mindanao.

This blog will try to talk about the Church and how she should relate with the society. The role of the Church in the current issues of the people in the Philippines and of the world as they cry for a given and continuing situations maybe.

This endeavor is a try, trying hard, to let many people know about my thoughts which hopefully can help in shaping the society and the individual attitude as a human being more than being a Christian or a believer of a God which each person or religious group may define.

  • My readers and subscribers will find here my random thoughts, my comments on Church statements, maybe a whole statement of the church at any given time that the Church should speak.
  • My delivered homilies and sermons will also be published here. Sermons that always talk about us and the society in the premise of faith and Christian perspective with Biblical underpinnings.

The Church in the society. As in the past and the current times, the Church played and can always play a great role in the society. To be very honestly speaking, even in the impoverishment of the people the Church has had her role played.

To make this new blogger be understood about the writings in the future my second topic will be a short or shortened autobiography. I believe that what I become and my biases in life is because of my experiences. I opened up my mind and my life into these things that defined life that I want in the future for myself, my family, the Filipino people and even the whole world.





  1. During the last few month you touched and inspired many People in the churches and societies in Europe. Your personal testimony and Charisma has the power to make a difference in this world and to remind us of, why we are Christians and how to serve God. Your blog is a very good way to share your insights and convictions with more followers, beeing a prophetic preacher in the times of digitalization.

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  2. THank you for this blog. It enables us to remain in touch! Hoping that there will be a solution for getting a visa, Fr. Franz


  3. Very good initiative ! May you be an inspiration to the other Bishops of the Philippines because you are striving to be transparent and serviceable to Filipinos in our quest for Christian maturity.


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