The April 28 Coalition culminated the month-long celebration campaigns with an online protest action last June 13, 2020, with a theme: “uniting migrants, refugees and undocumented peoples for their rights!”

Shaza Al Rihawi, Interim Chair of Global Refugee Led Network and Advisory and Board Member of New Women Connectors

The online protest was participated by thirty persons online, and a number of viewers from the facebook live post. There were four resource speakers, Silvana Matromatteo, Shaza Rihawe, Lucky Massi and Don Giusto della Valle representing from the different global organizations involved in migrant issues.

Silvana Mastromatteo, Caravana di solidarieta in Ginevra and Caravana senza Frontiera

The resource speakers provided key messages related to the common call of the April 28 Coalition on the full citizenship rights for migrants and refugees: the alarming situation of migrants must be addressed and campaigned for; the need for ‘solidarity’ among migrants; the COVID impact on women must be examined and the need to integrate support for women losing jobs and victims of domestic abuse; migrants must be involved in fighting oppressive laws affecting the status of migrants; articulating and raising awareness related to the end and stopping of deportations; and asserting the rights to education and permit to work among migrant families.

Don Giusto della Valle, Parish Priest and Migrants Pastor in Como, Italy

The online protest was commonly summed up with the following calls:

  1. Pursue consistently our demands contained in our statement: REGULARIZATION.
  2. Create a stronger network fomenting International solidarity as essential of our common struggle.
  3. Connect with our migrant communities, reaching out to those who are at the forefront of struggle.
  4. Amplify our campaigns: from where we are and in our places of origin.
  5. Fight inequality, and pursue migrant rights.

By Br. Tagoy Jakosalem, OAR (Madrid, Spain)

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