A pose with Martin Patzelt MdB, Member of the German Parliament since 2013 of Christian Democratic Union in Germany (Photo courtesy of Fr. Ulf-Martin Schmidt, Old Catholic Parish in Berlin)
Please read: https://www.martin-patzelt.de/lokal_1_1_556_Meine-Patenschaft-fuer-Bischof-Ablon-im-Patenschaftsprogramms-Parlamentarier-schuetzen-Parlamentarier-des-Deutschen-Bundestages.html

My sponsorship for Bishop Ablon in the sponsorship program “Parliamentarians protect parliamentarians” of the German Bundestag.

As part of the sponsorship program “Parliamentarians protect parliamentarians” (PsP) of the German Bundestag, I sponsored Bishop Antonio Ablon from the Philippines. Bishop Ablon, who campaigns for the indigenous Lumads in Mindanao, was publicly branded as a terrorist and NPA supporter because of his involvement and declared an enemy of the state. Like other bishops, priests, media representatives and lawyers, he is threatened with death. During my visit to the Philippines in October 2016, I had already noticed the difficult human rights situation since Rodrigo Duterte took office as President. Although Duterte promised an immediate improvement in living conditions, especially for the poor, and the churches were initially impressed by this promise, everything runs in the opposite direction. The number of serious human rights violations has risen since the implementation of his “War on Drugs” motto. Human rights organizations even speak of around 30,000 deaths.

I hope that by joining the PsP and sponsoring Bishop Antonio Ablon, we can provide additional protection and alleviate the concerns and needs of the people of the Philippines.

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