Kelkheim is a town in the Main-Taunus district in Hesse, Germany. In June 2019, I spent two weeks in the residence of The Revd Franz Segbers and wife Victoria. Franz toured me to meet friends in the churches, Foreign Ministry, members of the German parliament in Berlin, institutions and organizations for human rights and justice and also with media entities and in other places around.

A breakfast with Franz and Victoria.
An afternoon strolling in the countryside.
A taste of the locally brewed beer.
Eating gelato in the bridge of Heidelberg
In Berlin
Lunch with the Parish Priest in Old Catholic Church in Berlin, The Revd Ulf-Martin Schmidt
With Bishop Matthias Ring (center), the Bishop of the Old Catholic Church in Germany
In the Old Catholic Cathedral in Bonn, Germany.
With some seminarians in the OCC Seminary in Bonn

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  1. Bishop, I learned many new things in your messages that would inspire me to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ even in a little way. All of these, God counts. The word Anawim means living in the poor but remain faithful to God, and also the word shepherding which means caring of the flock especially the poor and marginalized people in our society, lumads, victims of summary execution without justice. I hope someday I can be fully part as liberator of our people. Even though, I belong in the elite government, but I can not forget the agony experienced by our people. I know that the issue on Covid 19 used also to track down the supposed enemy of the state. I hope and pray that you and I will still continue the unending preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus even in a little way. God bless. Thanks

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