Sharing to you a poem of my brother, Fr. Chris Ablon while he was sitting on a bus, travelling to and from one diocese to another for doing his task in the national program office of the church.

Sleepy, tired but happy. Photo from the FB post of Chris Abs

While sitting on this bus

On my third day straight of day and night trip

To cross dioceses for church program unification

And orientation on the ministry

For human dignity

While sitting on this bus

I realized that all I ever wanted to do in life

Is to inspire people.

To inspire people to serve others.

To inspire the faithful to serve others thru the church.

To inspire people to be themselves.

That they can be who they are.

That they can become whoever they want to be.

And that they are free

And they have the freedom

And power to build a better society.

Yes, a society better than this.

And this is what makes me happy

More than anything else in the world.

To this, my tear fell. I don’t know.

Maybe I was just tired.

Maybe I was just exhausted.

Or maybe I am just inspired.

God, thank you for this life. I love you!

Giving input during the Diocesan Convention of Diocese of Cagayan de Oro held at the DCENT Center, Pro-Cathedral Church, Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City

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