January 19, 2020, Old Catholic Church Parish, Salzburg, Austria.

A discussion on Human Rights Situation in the Philippines and the attacks against churches, church workers particularly in the Iglesia Filipina Independiente was held after the Sunday Eucharist.

Coffee with cakes, cookies and etc. were served before the discussion forum.
Bishop Dr. Heinz Georg Lederleitner opened the discussion, introduced the Iglesia Filipina Independiente and the relationship with the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht.
The discussion lasted for over an hour. Thanks to Alexandra Schmidt for the translations to Deutsch.
It’s time to bid goodbye and to travel to Vienna for the Forum initiated by Migrante Austria.

The discussion was very fruitful with some expressions of support, concerns, continuing prayers and by realizing how to be ministering as Chrisitians in the Philippines in these worst of times. There were also questions which are signs of maturity in the faith like, where is God in all this miserable situations of the people of the Philippines especially the lumads and elsewhere in the world affected by poverty and impoverishment.

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