On January 19, 2019. Worshipping with our sister church, the Old Catholic Church Parish, Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria with the The Right Revd Dr. Heinz Georg Lederleitner the Bishop of Austria with Fr. martin the Parish Priest with Fr. Samuel and the other.

The Iglesia Filipina Independiente is in Concordat of Full Communion with the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrect since 1963, The Most Revd Isabelo delos Reyes Jr. and The Right Revd Camilo Diel, Sr. of the Diocese of Cagayan de Oro signed the concordat in behalf of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente.

The Processional
The Welcome and introduction of Fr. Martin
The introduction and welcome statement of Bishop Heinz
The Parish Choir singing the Christmas song Noel. The Christmas season in this tradition ends in Febraury 2 during the presentation of Jesus at the Temple.
Gospel Reading by the lady deacon
The Preaching
The Intercession
Shalom! Salaam! Peace! Kapayapaan! Kalinaw!
The Eucharist
The Post Communion
The Final Blessing.
It was an honor to do the final blessing

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