I am sharing with you the feeling and insight of my niece Abi Ablon posted in her Facebook account on January 15, 2020, regarding the recent calamity in the Philippines – the Taal Volcano eruption.

My niece Abi… photo is from her facebook posts

I have been feeling very distressed about the west’s lack of response to the Taal Volcano eruption. I strongly believe this disaster and the enormity of it is a result of climate change. The Philippine Seismic Network has recorded 212 volcanic earthquakes in Taal region since 2 AM yesterday morning, 81 of which were felt OFF THE COAST of Taal, in Tagaytay city. Sulfur dioxide levels measure 5299 tons/day. Taal remains at a PHIVOLCS Alert Level 4; there are only 5 levels.

It has been 55 years since the last eruption, and scientists have been seeing signs of a new eruption since 1991. However, the Philippines does not have the money or power to have set up precautions for this calamity.

I’m angry that the Philippines is one of only seven countries in the world that have low enough carbon emissions to keep global warming down to 2 degrees. The Philippines is doing its best with the resources they have, but when climate disasters, which very well should be linked to climate change occur, the western media outlets report that basically, everything is fine. Or worse, put the blame on the governmental systems or the people themselves, as if anyone in the Philippines has access to the same resources, or have the same mindset and experiences as we do in the west.

The Philippines is full of grateful and gentle people. The Philippines is a very religious nation, and through that pinoys are grateful and value hard work and charitable work. They are doing an amazing job helping each other and sorting a lot of stuff out themselves.

But do not be mistaken in thinking this absolves the west of responsibility. Do not be mistaken in thinking our governments and organizations do not need to act. Do not be mistaken by thinking our consumerism and capitalism did not play a role, and is continuing to play a role.

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